Hello Dog

JA cover HD
ISBN 9780986587832
Today I have the thrill of holding Hello Dog in my hands as a completed book, after a long process on a project where I learned many things about dog behaviour, human interaction and physical safety, particularly for children. It is a huge subject. My copious notes and many drawings have been distilled into a 32 page book for children, relying heavily on illustrations.
I owe a huge debt to many people, not least to the students in schools in the Vancouver B.C. area, where I read the book during my design process. Those classrooms will each receive a copy.
Next week, books will go to Britain to Caring Canines in Bournemuth, whose book this really is, based as it is on their Be Dogwise program. After that, the book will be available on line, through my web site.
Thank you to everyone who made this a reality.

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