Heritage: Vancouver Schools

Walking north on Ash St  I look back and watch the back of the Hobbit House on King Edward Ave,  being ripped apart. Yes, it  is being retained (?) for its strong heritage value but it is valuable because it goes down from street level and provides a convenient connection to the new condos at the back.

So standing at the corner of W 24th, I stand and enjoy this simple house for its colour and detail.


I walk on, thinking about early Vancouver’s school buildings and the Vancouver School Board’s (VSB)  decision to start closing 18 schools in future years. If those lands are sold, once lost they will never be regained.

Cavell sign

Are the lands to be sold? Or is the VSB seriously considering  seismic and other upgrades to these solid brick other buildings?  I find myself imagining this imposing brick building used for something other than a school. Seattle has successfully adapted such buildings, the grounds providing ample parking. But I hope the fields will continue to host the laughter of children and the eager sports participants.

Edith Cavell school, 20 @ Ash

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