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Industrial Remnants

W 1st Ave shed 1

Old industrial buildings visually fascinate me and there was a period when they were all I drew for pleasure. Walking home on Saturday, along W 1st Ave, towards the Cambie St Bridge, from the BMO Theatre (stunning modern space) these two proved irresistible. The old Vancouver Mill structure top has a rusting patina and variety of signage -the next bottom is on the City’s old maintenance yards and has surprisingly gentle gentle colours.

W 1st Ave shed 2

As I strive to stay carry through the reason I wanted to paint something, I feel both these images meet my criteria.

2 thoughts on “Industrial Remnants

  1. Hi Jo. Have you ever thought to publish a book about schools? I love these paintings and the the young figures that you draw too. I check in on your website once a week just to look at the stories.
    Miss you. Laurie xoxo

    1. The school project should become a book. Last night the VSB (school board) announced up to 21 schools will close – and demolitions have begun. Am doing research and hope to get into more neighbourhoods. Like drawing old grocery stores, it’s fun to walk different areas of the city – and there are many fab details.

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