Pitman/Kaplan Sign

Today’s good news welcomes back the Kaplan sign @ Broadway and Granville. I was changing buses when I looked up to see: KAPLAN hidden in this scaffolding below.

Broadway @ Granville SE corner: scaffolding for signage change

My bus was coming ….. so just time for a quick snap. Looking forward to the final result.

Thank you to whoever is arranging this!

Here’s a recap from August 20th 2015 – KAPLAN/PITMAN SIGN
The sign (below) on the SE corner of Granville @ Broadway, is the old Pitman sign, altered for a new business: Kaplan. I do not have an image of the original – and this photo is thanks to Alan Levine, who took it December 27, 2014.
In the 1990s, Pitman left the building and Kaplan moved in. Following discussions with neon expert John Atkin, and with the City’s heritage planners,  the  Heritage Commission of the City of Vancouver ( I was a member), – strongly recommended Council retain the sign as a heritage icon, recognising and preserving the original framework,  colour and font.

December 27, 2014 – photo by Alan Levine


August 2015

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