Moving On


In January 2015, I undertook to post a new image every week on this blog for a year. The  drawings would done on walks through diverse Vancouver residential neighbourhoods, often with friend and historian John Atkin. That sketch book  I have now “Deconstructed” that sketchbook into a small exhibition at Mix the Bakery,  4430 W 10th Ave, Vancouver, V6R 2H9; 604-221-4145. Please drop by for a coffee and yummy bite as of October 12th 2016.

My new studio is nearby Mix, which is small  charming bakery with excellent food; it   is a community meeting place where one feels comfortable with friends or alone, the  essence of life in neighbourhoods where I walk and sketch. http://www.mixthebakery.com .

In 2005, my paintings were pirated off the internet and posted for sale on a Chinese website, a violation that made me shy of leaving images in cyberspace so each blog now stays posted for limited periods. If a drawing you might like to see is not at Mix, please feel free to contact me as  my deconstructed book holds more sketches.

You can reach me via : “Leave a Reply” below and ask me to contact you – this avoids my getting SPAM and your contact details also are protected




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