Schools 3

It’s interesting visiting schools as they are taking me to new neighbourhoods. Here I revisited the Renfrew area, though Renfrew School is close Rupert on E 22nd. I was delighted to find this different colour scheme but rain was threatening and my sketch very quick. Luckily my brown pen speeded things along.


Schools 2

Continuing my series of quick colour sketches, I visited two very different schools, built decades apart. Byng above has a very formal main entry, typical of early institution buildings. Queen Elizabeth below has a very different main entry : two similar doors, allowing choices – perhaps confusing newcomers. Interesting use of colour and materials – vertical pink wood curved over… Continue reading Schools 2

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Industrial Remnants

Old industrial buildings visually fascinate me and there was a period when they were all I drew for pleasure. Walking home on Saturday, along W 1st Ave, towards the Cambie St Bridge, from the BMO Theatre (stunning modern space) these two proved irresistible. The old Vancouver Mill structure top has a rusting patina and variety of signage -the next bottom is… Continue reading Industrial Remnants