Protea Painting Hung

It’s been several days of studio chores: final small touches to paintings, varnishing, hardware and naming the pieces.

“Do the names come to you as you paint?” “Sometimes,” I reply – but other times I need to think;. giving the show a co-hesive quality and maintaining the fun, particularly with my Feather series.

Thanks to help from good friends, the pieces are now hung and initial reaction has been positive. Postings on this blog should now become weekly updates on studio life. Spring is quietly stirring so I turn to Flora.

starting a canvas

upcomng exhibition

Feather & Flora- March 1st – April 10th 2019

Van Dusen Botanical Gardens, 5251 Oak St. Vancouver BC

With the date for a new exhibition set, I am gathering the pieces I want to feature along with my medieval and earlier birds, most of which are small images (8”x10” – 10”x14”.  By medieval, I mean to my pieces, inspired by my research in museums and libraries.

A new piece requires moving it from rumination to reality. This piece started last September, when I visited Kew Gardens and again was fascinated by proteas. Intense study often means looking, then drawing then painting. Between initial looking and eventual painting, some pieces lose their passion and may never become a final painting.

I know it will happen when the piece takes on a life of its own, immediately morphing into something other than initially imagined.

This blog will take you through the process ….. though perhaps earlier than the posts go up, it will be at the same pace.