Travel blog: Panama Canal

early morning we wake to find ourselves waiting in Gatun Lake. Passengers on shore excursions are gone by 8.30 and will rejoin the ship on the Pacific side. It’s a sparkly day, clear skies and tropical colours. Canadian made tugs shepherd us to and from the locks. Red channel markers lead the way …

Our large ships just fits the lock. There is a windsock and “mules” on the rails, guide us through: see yellow bumpers. Buildings painted blue and white. Now owned by Chinese, I last passed through under American ownership.

Visiting Wales

Sage green and violet grown in this landscape. My brother lived in Abergavenny. The A465 road runs from Abergavenny to the Neath. The section westwards from Abergavenny is more commonly known as the Heads of the Valleys Road because it joins together the northern heads of the South Wales Valleys. Here the lunar-like landscape is dotted with sheep; scratch the surface to find black dust and rock. Sheep once had their tails docked but longer tails allow them to dispell flies … as nature intended.

Tumpa in Welsh is a waterfall. Tumpa is also the high point in the Brecon Hills. Despite the gloomy weather, the clouds lifted to give a view across the hill.

UK travel journal

Driving to Wales

colours captured in quick sketches instantly recall broader memories

For me, a sketch contains far more information than a photograph, partly because when drawing, I look and analyse with a greater intensity.

I have no doubt professional photographers “see” their subject with that same intensity but I belong to quicker click variety of person